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Today I received yet another $8.95 charge on my credit card from Budget rental cars. Here is the original experience:

I rented a car yesterday at the 304 W 49 St. facility in Manhattan yesterday. I can honestly say it was the worst experience in my rental car world. S was the initial rental agent. I have to say, her customer relations skills are nonexistent. The previous customer was in tears because S was so unhelpful. While waiting on me she continuously repeated, “Jesus Christ.” But, that is just her customer relation skills.

Her agent skills are worse.

I asked the S if I could add the E-ZPass to my contract as I am from out of state and as I was going to be using the Henry Hudson Bridge, which is a toll bridge. She assured me I could pay cash. WRONG. Now, I know, from a previous experience with Budget in Denver, that I will receive not only a bill for the toll, but also a fee for this “service” from Budget, which (4 years ago) was $10 and I predict the “service fee” will be nearer to $25 now, for EACH time I used the bridge.

I am beginning to think this is a money-making racket Budget uses to increase their revenues.

When I rented the car, I was told the gas tank was full, when I checked, I saw it was only a quarter full. I returned to Shalonda who snapped, “Tell the security guard.” I replied, “I did, and he told me to tell you.”

After she cursed, she scribbled on my contract and gave it back to me. As I could not read what she wrote, I took a photo of the dashboard. Good thing. When I returned the car that evening and told J, the rental agent, she asked, “Did you take a picture?” I replied, “Yes I did. Now, tell me why you are EXPECTING ME to do the job of the rental agent?”

When I told J about the no cash lane on the bridge, she said, “Most of our cars don’t have the EZ-Pass, but the car you rented does. Did you open the box?”

I asked, “What box? And if that is so, don’t you think the rental agent should have told me that when I asked about paying for the E-ZPass?” She began to give me another song and dance until I walked over and pointed to a sign on the wall about E-ZPAss. (This sign was so unhelpful, it did not explain anything, which was probably the point.)

Now, most people rent cars to get out of Manhattan and unless you swim, the only way to do that is via a toll bridge or tunnel. Do not tell me the rental agents at Budget do not know this.

When I get my “Service fee” letter I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. And if Budget insists I pay this “service fee” I will charge them with fraud in Small Claims Court.

I will NOT be taken advantage of again.

So, Mr. A, here’s the thing. You can help straighten this out, meaning, NOT CHARGE me for that “service fee,” or I will post this letter everywhere in the social media world that exists. Let me mention that I write about travel for newspapers and websites. And before I write about this adventure, I’ll give you the opportunity to do something about it.


Debra Borchert

debra.borchert wrote the review because of poor customer service at Budget Rent A Car. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $150 and wants Budget Rent A Car to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

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