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I booked a 2 day rental car on Budget's website and was charged $87 for it. I went to pick the car up in-person and was told that they cannot rent the car to me because of my credit, despite the fact that they already charged my bank account as an act of agreement. I was then forced to call Budget's 800 number and navigate my way through a gauntlet of robotic prompts until I could speak to a person who then told me that they would refund my money, but not until 3 days later. Shortly after that I received an email from Budget stating that they are keeping $10 to themselves.

Let's ignore the fact that checking somebody's credit AFTER you've already taken their money in agreement to provide a service makes no logical sense whatsoever. You can't just take somebody's money, refuse to provide the service, then only give some of it back. That's fraudulent and I'm going to be reporting you to the State Attorney General as well as the BBB.

Apparently I'm a bank now, because I'm lending money for an extended period of time. Well, if that's the case then I just so happen to charge an interest rate of 50% per day in addition to a $250 "for the heck of it" fee. I expect to be compensated for the lending services I've provided you. How does my credit look now, you crooks?

And just so you know, I'm going to be clicking on every sponsored ad I see for your company on the internet in attempt to run your marketing costs up. I suggest that every one of you who have been screwed over by Budget does the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $87.

  • Interest
  • Electric charge
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I lost $718. they charged me twice for the rental, after the van broke down they had to get me out Las Vegas but didn't have a van so the truck rental was told was free to get back home.


Gas and time was wasted because they rent junk, + a nice $1400. when I got home...