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This company has absolutely awful outdated cars. I got a car that was severely scratched banged up in very bad shape and because I was on vacation decided to be happy and deal with it. Boy was this my second mistake, 1st one was going with budget to begin with. I get a car with no working horn, trunk

has to be slammed shut, auto locks do not work passenger side window did not go down. All of this in addition to have a really outdated uncomfortable scratched and banged up car. If this is

something you dont mind then by all means but at least rent from a cheaper rent a wreck company and expect this. To me this was extremely unacceptable from a company this of this magnitude.

We dealt with a similar experience returning the car to get swapped one which was no better just different issues. Then to convey our time we had while on vacation to an emotionless budget

customer service rep sealed the deal. Who offered me $2 a day off for a total of $14 and a $50 voucher that I will not use to go back to budget. I am far from looking for a refund but the pure lack of concern and unwillingness to right a wrong

3 strikes you are out!

Check out Ace , thrifty, eurpocar, or dollar.( Of course I dont care who you rent from but learn from my mistake and make it anyone but budget.) You would think a bigger company would

care about their customer and right a wrong. Pics and video of the car are available to see what you are in for located on youtube shortly.

BUDGET this is not a good way to obtain or keep customers, as a business owner I would be embarrassed to have dealt with a situation in this manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

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I just returned from St. Marteen.

We rented from Rent-a-Wreck. We were double billed on our credit card. Many customers on-line said they had this problem. I am going to deal with the national office to see if I can get this corrected quickly.

I understand there is a long-standing billing and booking issue regarding a past franchise owner and the new franchisees.

Don't rent from them! They have had plenty of time to correct this problem.


I had a good experience on St. Maarten when I rented with NEXT LEVEL CAR RENTALS. The service was great and the staff was very friendly (mostly Vicky). Also I may add that I received an upgraded car for the same price. This company had lots of new vehicles from ford and hyundai. I received a brand new hyundai sonata with leather interior, power windows, fully air conditioned with even a sun roof. They had locks on the tires to protect me from theft even without taking the insurance package.

Thanks Vicky!

Contact her at:nextlevelcarrental@gmail.com

The website is www.nextlevelcarrentalsxm.com


I have also rented from St. Maarten before but I have had been lucky in renting a ford fusion close to new and in great shape.

I did also speak with others who have stayed at my resort rented Hyundai I10 and Hyundai Getz in great shape but of course smaller vehicles.

Thanks I will make sure to stay away from Budget next time we go.

Good luck in the future. At least you got to enjoy the island 8)

Buck Naked

I've been to St. Maarten several times and I can tell you that every rental car on the island is a piece of ***.

The roads there are terrible so the rental car companies don't invest in new cars unless they have to. Even then I thing they buy used ones.