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Budget charge you with not authorized services charge in PR no matter you agree or not.

Today I had a conversation with Lorenda (800-352-7900) which asked her Supervisor Faith to speak with me, to finally decide to get unauthorized money from me. Last Monday around midnight I returned a rented car from Budget, airport was busy and they were calling to show at the TSA area as soon as possible. I returned my car, the guy asked for the mileage and I showed him a picture of the mileage plus the filled gas tank. He didn't asked for a gas receipt. I took my receipt and went through TSA. When review the receipt I saw a fuel service charge of $15, called the counter and the guy told me that this service was automated and that I need call customer service. There was a way to give a receipt today to customer service because I paid cash, was around $8 and in PR any below $10 needs be cash. The Budget supervisor said that the fuel gauge is not a proof that you top your car of gas!! OK. Then I told her that I showed the picture and that the guy a the counter didn't asked for the gas receipt, after a debate she accepted to get the near $8 I paid, then she made some numbers and said that I lose my claim because supposedly I purchase more fuel of what car used. I asked why she knows it and she said I got the car full, the gauge reads full!!!, well don't work for me but works for Budget!! From this numbers done by the supervisor I need to conclude that they gave me the car not full of gas because I put gas until the top of the tank neck to assure have it full and prevent issues. I feel like a liar, which I am NOT.

I received instructions to fill the tank prior return from desk lady on October 28, 2016 around 1 pm, returned the car on 10/30/16 near midnight and the gentleman didn't asked for any receipt. He said Ok when I show the picture with mileage and fuel gauge. Like I do in any other serious Budget rental in USA. Never asked me for a fuel receipt, yes the same company now is robbery from me for fuel service charge. At some point the supervisor told me that the guys at Aguadilla PR filled the tank a little bit, she wasn't able to provide a proof, that's why did her supposedly miles per gallon and said my data ($) was not real, based on contract mileage vs. what I paid. $15 will not make me rich, but for all that are reading this review shows the strategy to earn money by a fraudulent scheme. Im a normal person that trust the people, but with this company you MUST be a deep thinker and try to realized what they will use to get extra money form you their captive client. I used Budget for years, but this was the last time.

Hope you can consider a more serious company or make a page of items that you need to read and ask before sign your contract. Yes because you like lot of people trust the company by its reputation and don't read that small letters prepared by lawyers to cover them on catch situations done on purpose to get the extra money and improve their finances. One time ago I had a situation with Thrifty rental car, I did a phone call and they helped me lot better that Budget today. Big mistake switch to Budget. But not for you. Complaint record number 18453441

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Fraudulent Billing
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I returned a car to their Portland Airport complex, got my receipt with no mention of any issues. I kept my receipt.

Yesterday I received a letter stating that my credit card was being charged $250 for "smoking odor" in the car. They sent me pictures. The picture of their odometer reading doesn't match my receipt! The picture showed leaves all over the floor.

I spent 2 hours in that vehicle and turned in a spotless car! I don't smoke. I have never smoked! How did 2 additional miles end up on that vehicle?

This is blatant fraud. This happened after the first car they have me 5 days prior had both the engine maintenance warning light on as well as the low battery warning light for the key! I hadn't even driven out of the fenced vehicle yard. Obviously no quality control in that car.

They did give me a different car. I was encouraged to buy the prepaid has option. I was not told until I arrived at the Lacey, WA location that I wouldn't be reimbursed for the unused gas! Trying to reach one person to get a straight answer is nearly impossible.

Will be taking this to my credit card company and farther if necessary. In 24 hours I have spoken and been transferred to 5 different people. That doesnt include the 3 different people in the emails I've received. Warning to all customers: keep all of you receipts.

Make sure you this check your vehicle inside and out and make them right down everything. Also, smell the car and make them right down anything thAt discretely off or don't take the vehicle. I have already called my physician's office re writing a letter thatch am not and have never smoked.

Was a long time Budget customer. This incident is outright fraud.

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