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I honestly don't know where to start the first time I rented with budget I went to desk to pick up reserved car but before I completed I Ask the representative if I could go see the car before I completed the reservation because I had other reservations with other companies for a bigger car she says yes but asked for my credit card and license while I went to go see if the car was big enough which it wasnt I Came Back In And Told Her It was Too small and that I'm gonna Check with the other companies. I get to thrifty desk and the car they had avaible was perfect the representative goes to complete the transaction and my card declined and said for her to try it again because it shouldn't decline but it did check my account and budget had took 200 off my card without my knowledge I had to go back to budget desk and ask why she did that when I explained I needed to see the car before completing the transactions she said she apologize and that she give me a.

Print out Showing it will be reversed long story short I went back to thrifty the money was still unavailable the representative let me go ahead and pay what I had on my card and to call back Saturday to charge my card for the remainder we waited three days budget was still holding the funds so it caused me to have a late fee with thirfty so Returning the car Monday the funds still was not available because of budget I had to talk with budget manager and my card services for them to release the funds budget was holding budget charged my card without me knowing the caused me to get a late fee with another company because they were still holding the funds. But I gave budget another chance the following week and rented from them and they said they were gonna Refund me the late fee from thrifty which they did I arrived 14 mins late returning the car back and the manager tried to charge me late fees and I told him the representative said if I'm 15 mins late then will be a late fee so what are these charges if I'm Not after the grace period he apologizes and says oh you are right it's Actually 15 mins now so let me print you out a different receipt. My thing is if I didn't speak up he was still gonna charge me. I give them another chance because their prices was a lot cheaper then everyone else I was to return the car on a Monday but I Call the customer service number to keep car for another week which my print out shows for another week it's 189 and From May 3 To May 6 It Was 119 Plus the 189 they Gave Me A Different amount and I explained my print out says it will be additional 189 so I Said I will try to reach out again to local office I called multiple times no answer so I called Avis desk also because sometimes they send you to Avis desk and still no answer so I called the customer service number and they said they can modify it but when I dropped the car off to make sure my charges are correct.

I go to drop the car budget said it was 938 and that I had to go to Avis desk I go to Avis desk and they It was 1000 then It goes up 2550 And I Said how she said the Put The Car Under Kids And prevention like the car was loss and I broke down Crying Because that's not what my print out Said I Couldn't afford that she said that I will have to call customer service I explained I had coupons they never added Also she said to just call them. I called them they couldn't explain the charges and ask if I could email them the print out of it saying 189 for additional week and I did so they sent me another one saying it's 524.18 Which is still inaccurate but I Accepted Because I’m tired Of Going Back And forth with them I Checked My Bank Statements And budget charges my card 2500 So I Called Them Again they Ask If I Could Send My Bank Statements Because they don’t see that I did they refunded my card 1056 which means they still charged me over 800 when they emailed me it would be 524 so I’m still going thru This with budget I should have learned from the first incident but I gave them another but now I know to never in life Rent from them again the Are a fraudulent company

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