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We rented a car in Grand Cayman for 10 days. To begin our rental car odyssey we spent a full hour at the counter because a.) the computer network they were on was either down or not functioning properly, and b.) the young man that was helping us didn't seem to have a good grasp of how to do his job. While we were there a number of people came in and left because they could not get service.

Our base rental cost was $9.00 a day. Not bad we thought. Then add a driver, insurance, and a non-working GPS and the bill for our stay was up to over $600.00!

Ok, give us our car and we'll be on our way. Get out to the car with our luggage and of course it's a right hand steer. I had specified that we wanted the steering wheel on the left. Go back into the office and let them know it wasn't what I asked for. I get another car, a Kio Rio that looks like it got into a fight with a very big cat. (all scratched up).

After recording all of the dings and scratches we're on our way.

Two days into our use of the car the GPS we rented would not work. Turns out the power outlets in the car had no power! I called Budget as soon as we discovered the problem. They wanted me to drive back to the office (1 hour each way on MY gas dime) so they could check it out.

After no little discussion I got them to agree to check it out when I turned it in and then take it off my bill if they found it to be inoperable. When we checked in the girl said since we didn't bring it back mid-week that she would have to charge us for the whole time. {:(

After another lengthy discussion I got them to agree to take it off the bill.

Last thing: the gas needle was just a sliver off of full. She said they would have to charge us for refueling at 1/8th of a tank empty which was 2 gallons. Do you know what they charge for 2 gallons of gas if they have to put it in? $16.50/gallon!! (that's $32.00 for the math challenged like myself)

I jumped in the car drove to the corner and put in 3/4 of a gallon (all it would take) for a whopping $3.00.

All I can say is the obvious: I will never rent from Budget again. And I would not recommend that any of you do either.

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