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My wife an I arrived in Miami for the beginning of our vacation. When we caught the shuttle from the airport to the the office, I had to wait in line for 45 minutes to get to the counter. When I got to the counter, I had to wait another half hour because the rep was bouncing between 3 computers assisting other customers. The computers they were using were at least 20 yeard old IBM's with dot matrix printers. This is 2010 Budget, not 1990!

After I finally got the keys, We discovered that we had to go get the vehicle, they didnt bring it to us.

I've never had this problem with Enterprise Rental (should have known to stick with what's working for me). Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra money with a car rental company that actually cares about the customer and not this joke of a company!

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great advice! I just posted my own comment about these losers! I will tell everyone I know!


I'm sure every company has given a consumer some sort of shady service at one poitn or another, all I'm saying is that I've used enterprise 3 times in various parts of the country with no problem.


Good to know! Never used them. I'll be sticking w Enterprise :)


ever checked out might change your opinion

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