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Rented a van from Budget a week ago and 30 minutes before I was scheduled to pick it up they called and said they didn't have a van available. They didn't have any vehicle on their lot to rent!!

All they could say was sorry!! How do you run a car rental agency and not have vehicles available!! Will NEVER rent from budget again!!! Had the nerve to tell me they didn't care for my language on the phone.

Just letting them know how pissed I was!! They couldnt satisfy their end of a contract and all I got was sorry!!!

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Its no a perfect world and things can, and will go wrong. It wasnt the agents fault, it was a fleet planning issue, obviously.

It is unacceptable to swear and rant like a juvenile to anyone and no one is paid enought to cop that. Take a teaspoon of concrete, and harden the f##k up.being polite will get you so much further in life.

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