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I have been trying to get a refund from this company for a mistake they made on my bill for 3 months now. I've went through the better business bureau who has been working with me for a month on this.

I've also went through my bank who is working on this for me for 2 months. Trust me, I tried doing it the civilized way, too by calling their customer service department first. What a bigger joke! I sent them all the info they wanted, waited a week like they said only to call back and be told they lost it so I had to re-fax it.

Then when I re-faxed it and waited another 7 days I was told their fax *** was full so I had to re-fax it again and wait another 7-14 days. The company's advocate called me on Aug 8th apologizing for the problem and said they were issuing a refund that day. Then the better business contacted them again when I hadn't recieved it and they said they issued it on August 16th. Now, on September 5th, I still have no refund and supposidly they "refunded the refund" - LOL!

And I STILL don't have my refund! Just one game after another! But they did offer me a free days rental for a car - whoopty doo! They are insane if they think I will EVER do business or give them my credit card information EVER again.

NEVER! This place is a joke and they will take your money and you won't ever see it again - even if you are in the right and do everything by the book like we did.

Go somewhere else - read the reviews - it's not worth the headache and could cost you a lot more than just going with another company in the first place!

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

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Submit a complaint through the Better Business Buraeu. That's the only way you'll see your money - but stay on top of it...They lied to the BBB 2 more times before I saw my money. Don't close the complaint out until you actually recieve your money!


They have given me the same BS about refunding my $150 deposit. Since I paid with a credit card I should have never been charged a deposit.

I have been told to wait 2 weeks for the refund to go through. Then I was told the refund was in "pending" status with my bank. My bank said this was never true. Then they tell me I was never charged a deposit, which is a lie.

They have the most incompetent customer service. I will NEVER use Budget again, too many lies and excuses.