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Well, thanks to these guys, i'm out over $200 that i did not agree to.

After renting a car here for work, the gentleman asked if i wanted the additional insurance. I laughed and said, 'no, this is a work trip, i'm not going to be partying' and he laughed back, as did my coworker standing next to me. We all had a laugh at the fact that additional insurance was the silliest thing ever and i would never dream of it.

he circled the 3 places on the contract i had to sign, i signed, and sent me on my way.

upon my return home to seattle, i saw a $200 charge on my credit card. turns out, the guy signed me up for insurance ANYWAY, and because i signed where he circled on the contract, after making it perfectly clear that i DID NOT WANT ADDITIONAL INSURANCE, i was charged for it anyway. and after several unreturned phone calls and patch-work emails, was told that because i signed, even tho it was gross manipulation on the teller's part, i had to pay.


i told our accountant at work, and she told me that her husband had the same thing happen to him at a Budget to the tune of $2000 bucks. and because he signed, he had to pay it.

Bull *** if you ask me. There are way too many car rental companies out there for these guys to be playing these sort of games. DON'T USE BUDGET if you have any other options. Or if you do, be sure to read the fine print, you may be signing away your first born.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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They charged me 13.99 extra for gas when I had already filled the tank. They told me their policy was to overcharge and then take the additional fees off when the customer disputes the bogus charges.

If you catch the mistake afterword, they refuse to refund your money. You may think you are saving money with the cheap prices, but with all of the fees that they charge you, you end up spending more than their more reputable competitors.