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I rented a car on Thanksgiving, Nov. 24 at CLE Hopkins airport location.

I had a reservation, but it took well over half-hour get a car. When it was "ready" I noticed the tires looked low. I asked "John" (manager on duty refused to give last name or ID info) to have tire pressure checked. He INSISTED the tire pressure was fine.

I told him my mother is hospitalized in Avon, and I didn't want to have to deal with under-inflated tires as I did in Sept. when I last rented a car from Budget. John REFUSED to double-check tire pressure as I begged him to, so I wouldn't again lose precious time dealing with problem car. It would've been a simple thing to check & correct before I drove off, but he stubbornly REFUSED-even tho I told him I had that problem 2 months ago.

He seemed defiant & completely unconcerned about my time, my safety, inconvenience and even my expense (poor gas mileage from under-inflated tires). It was not busy in the rental area at the time. John's response to my repeated request to recheck tire pressure seemed exceptionally uncaring, lazy, incompetent, stubborn, ignorant, immature, insensitive.... Approximately 15-20 minutes after leaving after leaving Budget, when I got into Westlake on Detroit Rd.

a Yellow warning light /symbol appeared on dash display. Not sure what it was, I looked closer--digital mileage display was replaced by "LR 26" (left rear 26 pounds). It was already getting dark and I was stuck on my way to hospital in Avon, driving on an under-inflated tire (other tires also likely need air). I was greatly disappointed in such poor response to a simple, prudent request.

John is just exceptionally uncaring, lazy, incompetent, inconveniencing a repeat customer with his exceptionally POOR treatment. I am asking Budget to compensate me for wasting my time, costly inconvenience & decreased gas mileage, as well as unpleasant encounter with bull-headed John.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Nissan Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Low tire pressure must be Budget's "m.o"; I rented twice from Budget and BOTH times the tires were underinflated and the lights came on. The second time the light went on EVERY day that I had the car...

I inflated it 6 times. Guess what I got when I returned the car?