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So had to take a last minute trip to Philadelphia. Arrived at 12:15 this morning and couldn't get any discount rate prior to arriving.

Had to book a car for Sunday 12:30 am to Wednesday at 7am. I got reemed for total of $259 the agent was nice and helpful. Offered us a Camry. Has 22,000 miles on it.

Got into car(was raining) drove off lot. Get to a well lit area at our destination and discovered the car is filthy and stains all over My wife was livid. Woke this morning a decided to really look at car. There is damage to car on drivers lower door, stains all over the seats and dirt covering all parts of car one would touch while driving.

I started to clean since we need to be somewhere early , and ten wipe clothes later I was able to get most of the grime off. If I could do it, why couldn't budget do it? I feel we got taken again. I took plenty of pictures of before and after.

Will post as many as possible. Oh and I forgot to mention the front tires should have been changed out on this car. I'm so upset! Btw budget.

My last minute charge for cleaning the car to a minimal standard level is $259. Just all the photos allowed

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

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