Ewa Beach, Hawaii

I am a US Govt traveler. Budget at Seatac Washington state asked if I would accept an upgraded car (2011 Mustang) for the compact price, as they were low on compacts and had a "glut" of Mustangs.

Naturally I said yes. My bust was that I didn't check the price they gave me against what I was allowed by the Govt. Travel flagged my claim as an overcharge. I called Budget to complain and all they would refund of the $209 overcharge wsa $75.

I will not rent from Budget again, neither will anyone in my office. I also have to pay the govt the difference.


The mustang was a terrible car to drive. The road noise that came right up into the cabin was so bad I had to wear hearing protection.

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Gotta go with SO SAD on this one (Shudder) as a gvt travler you are supposed to know your limits. Suck it up and stop giving gvt workers a bad image. :cry


Just another whiny government official. Budget offered you an upgrade at no cost.

It is not their job to know that your employer would not cover the difference. That is your job to know. I also find your complaint bogus that the Mustang was so loud you had to wear hearing protection.

Just like a government to lie. Nothing knew about that.