Newburgh, New York
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Returned the rental truck at Magyars Service Center in Newburgh NY, filled the tank with gas, RETURNED it on a Saturday around 5.00pm after hours as we were instructed. The Owner of Magyars charged me $59.86 claiming she had to put another 8 gallons of gas to the truck, so she charged a fee of $30.00 for not filling it up.

When I called to find out about the charge, without even asking for my information to verify which truck I was calling about since there were 3 other trucks there when I left mine, she immediately told me that I did not fill the tank, . She was very rude lacking in customer service manner, said that I was lying. My husband then called and talked to her to explain we had the gas receipt to show we put 50.00 to fill it up and she totally did not care and said we could fax anything we wanted but the charge was going to stay. My husband told her he was going to file a complaint with Budget corporate and she said go ahead, he told her we would not rent from budget again and she said she didn’t care.

Very rude and impolite. DO NOT RENT FROM BUDGET AND DROP IT OFF IN NEWBURGH NY, especially after hours.

She probably filled her own personal tank with my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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A few years ago, the same thing happened to me. I know it doesn't help with what you have already dealt with, but I have adopted a strategy for returning after hours.

First, fill up at the closest station. Take a phone photo of the receipt with the "full" guage in the background. Usually, you can also catch the odometer in the same shot. At drop off, I take another pic of the odometer and gas gauge.

Since your phone automatically time and date stamps images, you're golden. I also take pics of all four sides of the vehicle.

I noticed that when u turn a car in during business hours, they don't try to mess with you as often as they do after hours. So, the extra two minutes of taking pics protects me against dishonest practices.

In the future, fight the charge with your bank or cc company. If you send your bank or cc the gas receipt, they will take over the fight for you.