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We went to a trip to Las Vegas on May 9 for yearly vacation.

Everything was OK for my trip, but I extremely pissed up with Budget Car Rental in Las Vegas for they charged us more money ( $23.45/day for LDW

) without asking or explaining to us, and our insurance covers

everything so we don't need that. We arrived Las Vegas at night, and by the time we went to Budget Car Center it was almost midnight, and the contract was blur and the letter font was small, so we didn't check it carefully until we returned the car. We already filed a complaint at Budget before we left Las Vegas and sent Budget Car Customer Service 2 emails, and called Las Vegas Customer Service to follow up with our complaint, because it's quite sneaky and dishonest when they tried to

rip customer of by charging more money due to the lack of attention from


I asked Customer Service in Las Vegas to check their audio records to know if their agent asked or offered us to pay more money for LDW, because it's not necessary and we did show Budget agent our insurance policy, he said it's OK but still charged us more money without notice or telling us what's is that, and they just said that we signed the contract that meant we accepted their service. Is that correct if they try to solicit customer without ask or explain anything but sneaky charge extra money for their profit ? Our insurance covers everything, and if accident happened, our insurance will pay for the loss, not Budget Car Rental.

The way they run their business is dishonest and untrustable.

I reported this to BBB in Las Vegas and hope that Budget Car Rental will credit back to us the extra money they already took dishonestly and malicious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

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Good one Sally. Yeah, that's probably exactly what Budget would say, but trust me, they count on the customer's ignorance or naiveté to pad their charges. I know from experience, and I wouldn't be so critical until you have had it happen to you personally.


You're complaining about Budget but infact you were being an *** and not reading the contract before signing? What a ***.