International Airport, 24050 E 78th Ave, Denver, CO 80249, USA
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Please see email letter Budget below and contact me:

Nora Henry

Emergency Road Service Specialist

Budget Car Rent-A-Car

Rental Date: 12/07/2018

Rental Number: U204482014

VCR Number: VCR2157083

Dear Nora Henry,

I am in receipt of your letter dated January 5, 2019 regarding the Denver car rental.

Frankly, the Budget rental was a horrific experience and I am disappointed with your customer service operations.

To recap, during the second day of rental on a return trip from the Denver Airport traveling southbound on E-470 at approximately 75 miles per hour (posted speed limit) the right front tire blew and we made an immediate stop, as the car was no longer drivable. I contacted the agency requesting a new car be delivered and/or we be picked up to be transported to the new car and was told to call the emergency service on the rental agreement.

We made the call and the emergency service operator told us she could not locate us. She asked us to walk up and down the freeway looking for markers and I informed her that was not possible due to traffic. She then had me get out of the car with trucks and traffic speeding by at 85 miles per hour + within inches of our vehicle to try to find a car jack.

I did so and found a jack but was not about to attempt a tire change under the circumstances and unsure if car would be drivable even with the change. She then asked us to log onto an App to give her our location and we did but it did not help her. We told her we were about a quarter mile from E Smokey Hill Dr. exit traveling south on E-470 but the operator could not find either the freeway or the exit and she had no idea where we were. She stated in any event it would take about 3 hours to send a tow truck and we should sit in the car and wait.

Keeping my family in harm’s way for three hours under these conditions was not an option. They were cold and frightened. Due to the lack of concern by Budget we decided to request an Uber Driver to get out of danger putting the keys in the glove box and informing both Emergency Services and Agency.

Upon arriving to safety, the Budget Agency refused to send a replacement car despite speaking with several agents/managers for over an hour stating we had “abandoned” the car. They gave us the location of 2 Agencies in Aurora but said one would close in 10 minutes the other (further away) with the hour. I had to arrange transportation to the agency who would not release a car to us until they had confirmation that they had picked up the Mitsubishi. Fortunately, I received a call from the tow truck operator while waiting at the agency as he phoned to ask where he should tow the car to – 3 hours (5:55pm) after we left same (you would think he would have been given instructions by Budget). I requested that he take it back to Budget at the airport as that is where we rented it and handed the phone over to the Budget Aurora Agent so she could release a replacement car.

Having booked the rental through Costco Travel I felt confident that we would be assured a road worthy car. The car we received had multiple dents and very heavy wear. Although I did not inspect the tread on the tires upon pick up I suspect the tires were the original tires and the car as I recall had over 23,000 miles. My requests to inspect and take photos of the tires of the original rental car was denied upon my return, as was access to the service records by David Witte - Budget’s manager on duty. The car was on the lot but David stated that Budget was going to inspect to see if any additional damages had occurred, while I could not. Additionally, David stated they do not change tires until over 30,000 miles and that cars of over 100,000 miles were still road worthy.

Given the circumstances above, I was surprised to receive your letter. I receive a car which was not road worthy. As a direct result, my family endured traumatization and placed in extreme danger. Budget insisted we sit in the car for three hours and could not find us even on a map. Further, I lost 4 hours of use of car, paid $40.00 to Uber to rescue us and had to arrange further transportation to find a replacement car. I spent many hours on the phone with Emergency Services and the Agency and treated with disrespect. Budget stated that this was all our fault, their liability ends once the car leaves the lot. I disagree; vehicles rented should be in good repair before leaving the lot and Budget should have better maps/agents.

I would like to suggest that you eliminate your claim and I will not pursue the damages I incurred.

The one positive experience with Budget was the eventual replacement car (Malibu) was in good condition. I hope that the Mitsubishi is not a reflection of your overall fleet and maintenance.

Thank you in advance for your prompt handling.

George Connor

(720) 610 3240

Reason of review: rental car not road worthy, customer service horrible, demand letter from agency for $240.07.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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