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I have been a Budget Fastbreak member for 8 years. I recently rented a car for business at Budget Utah in SLC APO.

Upon returning the car I filled it up at a gas station very near the airport. It was less than 5 minutes from the station to the car return and I passed no other gas stations on the way.

A week later I get a bill from Budget for $25.06 as a fuel surcharge. They claimed the car took 2 gallons of fuel that evening when they did a fuel audit.

They admitted there is no way to avoid this as some fuel is burned driving to the drop off and gas pumps do not top off the tank.

Complaints to Budget Utah and Budget HQ only got me a reduction, but no refund. I will never rent from Budget again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental.

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Budget SCAMMERS....I returned a car to Ft Lauderdale airport with an over full fuel tank. My $50 car was marked fuel tank FULL.

I then got a bill for $118.!

Why? Budget's explanation after 4 phone calls was that a fuel audit showed they should charge me. I emailed them the fuel receipt.

They said it was no good as I had filled up the night before and returned the car at 7:00am in the morning. They said you have to fill up the same day. I asked why would that matter? They said I could have driven around the night before!

The fuel gage clearly showed a full tank and was noted by the check in employee, Anna.

Budget is scamming me and thousands of others. Nowhere on the rental agreement nor on their posted signs is there any reference to them NOT allowing you to fill up the night before.

I am a boat Captain, frequent renter of cars and a Fastbreak customer.

I will make sure everyone is warned about this scam and will report to trouble shooters media and all my contacts.

They are mistaken that the $68.

they want to steal from me is worth the bad publicity and blatant scam expose they will experience if they do not do the right thing.