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Budget advertises the Port Miami Cruiseship free Shuttle: . Before I made my reservation I called Budget to confirm that Budget really offers a free shuttle.

It was confirmed. On November 18, 2016 I made the reservation for a mini passenger van. The pick-up date and time on the confirmed by Budget reservation is March 4, 2017 at 9:30am. The pick-up Car Rental Location for this booking is 89 SE 2nd St, Miami, FL, 33131.

The drop-off date and time for this reservation is March 4, 2017 at 6:00pm. The drop-off location is Miami International Airport. The total on the reservation including car, fees, and taxes is $74.27. We made this reservation from Budget because one of the four people in our party is an elderly man, and he has difficulties standing and walking and other health issues, and because we saw the promise of the free shuttle right from the Miami cruise port to the Budget car rental location.

We had only until 6 pm of that same day to have an important meeting and to spend some time in Miami, and wanted a quick and convenient way to get a car. After the debarkation, when we took our luggage and went outside to the designated car rentals area for the shuttle pickups, we saw many shuttles from various car rental companies, but there were no shuttles from Budget! We waited for over 20 minutes, and then I called the Budget location’s local number 305-377-4410. The only option was to listen to the automated line for the shuttle’s schedule.

The message said that the shuttle was going continuously and comes every 15-30 minutes depending on the traffic. We waited more, but only shuttles from other car rental companies were going continuously with zero shuttles from Budget in sight. I called the Budget 800 number, and the person who finally answered my call only said that I had to call the local number, that nobody could help me here, at 800 number. This person advised not to press any options when I dial the local number, and then someone from the local office will answer my call.

It was not true. It was not possible to reach anybody from the local office! After waiting for over 50 minutes we saw a Budget shuttle van with the license plate number DZG-I61. He took only 3 or 4 people and said he did not have space to take any of us.

I asked him to contact the office and to ask to send another shuttle, but he refused. He just left without even making one short call to the office. After we waited for more than 1 hour and 15 minutes standing outside with our entire luggage the Budget shuttle bus came and we finally went to the budget car rental office. The rental office was overcrowded.

We stood in the long line only to learn that everybody in front of us (the same happened to many people behind us as well!) got the same answer from the counter: “We do not have a car for you. Wait. If and when someone returns a car, we will give it to you.”. When we reached the counter we got the same reply.

They did not have a car for us! When we asked how long we had to wait they said that maybe between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours there would be a chance to get a car, but there was no guarantee. Let me remind you that the reservation was for the car available for us at 9:30am. The pick-up time on the reservation did not matter to any employee in this office.

The location’s manager Juan Perez was very rude, he laughed at us and did not really care that 4 people with all the luggage were completely stuck. I called the 800 number again. The Budget representative did not offer any solution or help and hung up the phone. The only day, which we were supposed to have in Miami, was totally ruined!

We finally got the car only at 12:45pm! We still had to return it at 6pm in order to catch our flight on time. We missed the important meeting, which we scheduled in the morning. In addition to our day being ruined we were overcharged by this office!

They charged us $89.96 instead of $74.27, which was confirmed on the booking. After we came home we had to spend more of our time and call the billing for adjustments. Budget failed us in every way! I highly recommend replacing Juan Perez, the manager of this location.

He does not have any respect for people and for their plans. For him renting for a day or for a half a day is the same, but for people it is not the same! Budget clients have plans, and their plans deserve respect from this company! I also recommend improving Budget processes.

If Budget promises free shuttles, then they have to have the shuttles running as did the shuttles from other car rental companies. If Budget confirms the reservation for a certain pick-up time, then Budget has to have a car available at the promised by them time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Car Rental Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $74.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Budget Rent A Car Cons: Failed to provide the shuttle in a timely manner, Failed to provide a car at the time it had to be provided.

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