Vancouver, British Columbia

I had a similar experience with Budget at Vancouver airport on September 14, 2008. I rented a mini van, Toyota Sienna-licence#056ENR for the weekends.

To make the story short, upon returning the vehicle, they claimed that there was damage (scratch and dent) on the driver side front bumper and they went through the motion of going to the backroom to check the old records...blah! Blah! Blah! I protested that it was there before and was written down as S/B (sandblast, I asked and was told S/B=sandblast).

The attitude of the staff at the counter was rude and care less because they knew that I had to catch a flight home. And they charged me additional $325. Stay away from The Budget at Vancouver airport location; otherwise you'll be sorry.

Use taxi next time and it will be cheaper. I'll tell everyone my experience in parties and meetings.

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I had a resevation through Budget for a full size rental car beginning July 28, 2011. When I arrived at the counter I was told they had no vehicles to match me reservartion and offered two smaller vehicles they claimed were "similar" in size.

This is the second time I have been downsized by Budget at Vancouver Airport and believe it must be their standard procedure to increase revenue by forcing the client to accept a smaller car or pay more to upgrade!

To add insult to this situation as we were leaving the car pick-up area at the airport, we noticed the exact full size vehicle we reserved on the lot and also saw another model of the same full size car at a Budget rental lot in downtown Vancouver.

Plus, all vehicles being returned to Budget at the airport go through a thorough exam by a Budget employee- makes you feel like a criminal the way you are treated. (fees, fees, fees)


I was just scammed by Budget too.

I ordered a Convertable Mustang for $31/day. They gave it to me at that price, and then snuck a $50/day "Upgrade" fee. Why would I be charged an upgrade fee if I did not upgrade anything? I just got the vehicle I ordered.

Wow, what an awful company.


I was scammed by Budget rental Car at the seattle airport location. I did a travelocity reservation for a compact car.

I showed up and they claimed they had no compact cars despite my reservation. On top of that they would not honor my price if I got a economy. They also miss charged me for insurance after telling them my credit card would cover that. I tried to get charges reversed but no one in customer service was willing to help.

The lady at the branch even hung up on me. Horrible experience.

I will never go back. Neither anyone I know......


September 23rd 2008

The Vancouver Budget Rent a car charged me $10 in addition to what was quoted on the Budget website for crossing the border. This is a scam

Budget is supposed to be a Delta Skymile partner but this location does not participate with Delta Skymile. I tried to go to another car rental stand, but they did not have cars available.

I hate Budget