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I had a very bad experience by renting a car with Budget Car Rental on my last visit to the United States.

On May 9th, I rented a car in Miami to travel to North Carolina along with my parents who both are 65 years old.

It would be my sister's graduation on the 11th in Greensboro, NC. My sister lives in Durham, so I planned to return the car at Raleigh airport since it is the closer location to her place and she could drive us back with her personal car.

On May 10th, around 7pm, my family and I went to Raleigh airport to return the rented car to Budget Car Rental. A representative came to the patio to check the returning car, then since everything was good with the car I signed the papers returning the rented car. My sister came with her personal car to pick us up inside Budget's property. As soon as she started driving inside of the patio looking for a exit, we noticed that inside of Budget's property the directions to exit out the patio looked very confusing until we saw a shuttle leaving and decided to follow it in order leave Budget's property. That exit had a gate and a cabin aside which was all dark and didn't have anybody there to inform us. We were behind of the shuttle, as soon as the shuttle got closer to the gate, the gate opened and the shuttle passed and left the property. We just followed it, however, the gate didn't opened for us. Unfortunately, we ended up going to an exit that should only be for buses and not for cars. That's why the gate didn't open for us. Then a security guy that was far observing us came to talk with us. He said we were using the wrong gate and was just observing what we were trying to do. We apologized and mentioned that we were only looking for an exit to leave that place. The security didn't warn us that the car were on a spike metal bar that could rip the tires if we back it up. We innocently apologized for being in the wrong exit and back it up our car. Immediately the spikes ripped the tires of my sister's

personal car.

I am writing to express my disappointment with Budget Car Rental. I am

not questioning the security procedure of not opening the gate but the fact of ripping both front tires of my sister's car. We were confused and missed the exit, but then not advising us about the spikes and let the tires be ripped is unacceptable to me.

We immediately got out of the car, my parents got scared by the

noise of the spikes ripping the tires. The security of Budget only asked us ironically about what happened to our tires. We innocently went in front of the car to check what had caused such a noise. When we saw the horrible damage we felt very upset and desperate for help or a manager that could explain the tragic situation. Then two managers called Alex and Samantha came to talk with us but didn't show any care about us. They just said we were wrong by trying to exit out using the bus exit and repeat many times to take the car away because it was on the way of their buses to leave the property. They didn't show any compassion that both front tires were ripped accidentally, either any consideration to my my parents that were super scared and not understanding why the tires were ripped. The manager didn't offer a water to my parents, or a solution to our case. They called an airport security guy, who came immediately but only made fun and laughed at us saying take your car out of the way, call your insurance, you were wrong, just take your car out.

I understand that I tried to exit out using a wrong exit because I felt confused with the exit's direction. About lowering the gate as warning, I also understand, but it is unacceptable the security not warning us that we were on spikes that could damage our tires if we back the car up.

We planned to attend my sister's graduation in the next day at 8 am. This incident happened after 7 pm a day before. We all were so desperate trying to figure out how we would be able to get there in the next day. That incident and the lack of assistance of Budget really left us very upset because it was 7 years that my parents haven't seen my sister. So her graduation was a reason that brought us to to the US. It was a special occasion that would reunite us back again.

As a conclusion, My sister had to call the insurance requesting a tow truck the car and then buy 2 new tires on the next day. We had to call an Uber to drive us back to my sister's place.

I keep asking myself about the atitude of

Budget to its clients which was horrible. We did not show any danger to them. We were not driving their car out but my sister's personal car. Budget property has bad signaled exit directions and didn't offer any assistance to an accident that they have been avoided if they really cared about their clients. My family and I were treated as strangers inside of their property right after returning their car and going through that unpleasant incident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Rent A Car Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had a very pleasant experience on my last visit to the USA and one of the reasons why this was not pleasant was Budget. What happened - On May 9, I left the car in Miami, I made my trip with my family, everything normal until then, along with my parents who is 65 years old each and my sister.

It would be my brother's graduation on May 11th she lives in Raleigh Durham, so we drove from Miami and we were going to return the car in Raleigh Durham until then everything happy and nice, after returning the car we would go to graduation with the private car her. On 10/05 not to delay the graduation we decided to go to the Budegt store in Raleigh Durham to return the vehicle and the same was made the happy family, we returned the car we signed everything we took the receipt in the hour of departure the problems began. Like some confusing directional signs, we got lost inside the patio and ended up going to an exit that should only be for buses and not for cars, the windows were closed but at low speed. The gate was fired and a device that ripped the tires of my sister's private car, we are not questioning the procedure of lowering the gate, because we confused and missed the exit, but then trigger a device to tear the tires and harm us.

But until then it was not the biggest problem, we immediately got out of the car, my parents got scared by the noise and came two managers and kind little cared about us, just said you are wrong take your car away, at no time had any consideration, with my parents of old age just hit their mouths, did not offer a water, or even a solution, they called an airport security man, who was making fun of laughing and saying take your car out, call your insurance, you are wrong, if you wanted to hear if I was a tourist, or give an attention to my parents, or take to a room with sofa with a water. Just take your car out then you used the wrong exit. I may be wrong, because I confused with the exit, but could have lowered the gate, could have connected a cirene in no time I proposed some kind of threat leaves a wrong exit, but then trigger to tear the tires and say it was procedure , and worse not to give an assist to my parents, for me it was the end.

We had a graduation from my sister's college the next day after 5 years of struggling to achieve this, my parents had not seen her for 7 years and no time was offered anything or type take a car of ours goes on her graduation tomorrow the people solve it, just said take your car out, the two managers form heartless ruthless, not a water did not register anything or an incident report only harmed us, I summarize my parents went to the hospital went bad, I went with them and my Irma called an insurance winch, had to pay because it did not cover, because we were 20km from his house, had to call an uber to go on graduation and a cost of 152.00 USD for two new tires, and now I ask myself that posture of Budget to its clients is worthy of a posture of a company that aims at happiness and good moments with its clients, I offered some danger, for leaving in a wrong and badly signaled exit? I would like a positioning and posture a return, nor record of all this confusion was done, no assistance at all.