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On May 16, 2014, I flew into OHare. Flight landed at 7:30, right on schedule.

Got into the Budget Shuttle and walked into Budget OHare rental office at 8:04. When I got off the bus, there was a line out the door. People were upset and complaining very loudly. I got in line and asked what was going on.

The guy in front of me stated that he'd been standing there a half hour already and that he couldn't figure out what the hold up was. I had just had knee surgery two weeks prior and the travel had made it a little difficult to stand, so once I got in the actual building, I sat down on the floor. An agent behind the counter yelled, "Ma'am, you can't sit on the floor." Luckily, the guy two ahead of me yelled back, "she just had knee surgery and there are no chairs!" The gentleman behind the counter rolled his eyes and said something under his breath. An hour later, only FOUR people had made it through the rental process!

I called the 1800 number for Budget and the first customer service agent said, "let me transfer you to customer supervisor" and then hung up. I called back. Finally got through to a lady who offered to call the OHare office to see what the hold up was and see if she could help. No one would answer her call.

She offered the explanation that there "must be a serious air traffic delay issue" to create such a long line at Budget. There were no delays. Every person in line that night, with the exception of three people out of @100, had great flights and has reservations. BUDGET HAD 2 PEOPLE working, compared to five people at the Avis counter in the same building that was serving the same volume in 10 minutes or less....we timed it.

I didn't get in my car until 9:49 pm. By the time I got to counter, I was in tears. Pain level 8.

The car was, of course, in the last row (v18 slot) and no one offered to help carry luggage to car or pull the car up for me. I am seriously disappointed.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I was there. Wow!

It was a mess. My wait was exactly 117 minutes and I got told my car was not ready. I waited 20 more minutes and they said they didn't have a car size I ordered so I would have to upgrade and I said it's free because you don't have what I reserved right? The male desk guy said it would be $8 more per day so invalid no and just give me the car I asked for.

Well they were all out of that level and he kept saying the website says there's no guarantee for car type. I said I did not mind a different car I just won't pay for a bigger car cuz they didn't have inventories right. I asked if he would refund so I could go to Avis five feet away and then he says there would be charges for cancelling. I finally said cancel my reservation.

Went to Avis and got a cheaper rental for better car. Nonsense plain and simple.

Hope your knee is better because it looked real bad. And thank you for letting me follow you to hotel, and